About – Hospice of the Upper Galilee

“You are not alone”. That is our motto at the Hospice of the Upper Galilee, and those are the first words
we say when meeting those suffering from incurable conditions, and their families.

Hospice Upper Galilee was established in 1994 by professor Nancy Caroline, who was born in Boston, USA.
A physician with a specialty in Emergency Medical Services, Nancy immigrated to Israel in 1977 to become the chief medical officer of
Magen David Adom until 1982. That was the year she went on to manage the
Flying Doctors in Africa: flying doctors to provide emergency medical services where needed.

Five years later, Dr. Caroline came back to Israel and settled in Metula. She began her specialty in Oncology
and in 1995 established the “Hospice in the Upper Galilee” association – providing palliative care to the
Golan and the Upper Galilee population. The mission was to provide supportive care of the
highest quality possible, for those suffering from advanced cancer.

The Hospice provides free care in the patient’s home, with services including relief of symptoms and support
for the patient and their family; all while improving the patient’s their family’s quality of life by helping them
deal with the many problems associated with incurable illnesses.

When conventional medicine can no longer provide a solution to a patient’s illness, it becomes clear that
our lives are transient. The Hospice way provides the patient a supportive environment,
while maintaining respect for them and their family, especially in the final moments of their life.

The service is provided by a professional and skilled team, experienced in assisting a patient and their family
in all physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects of facing an incurable illness.
These Hospice services are given at the patient’s home, without pay, to all who need it.

If you are a patient, a family member, a therapist, a financial donor, a volunteer, or an interested human
looking to expand your knowledge – this is the place for you, and we are here for you.

American Friends of the Hospice of the Upper Galilee


  • Jonathan J. Bell
  • Bernard E. Bell (1920 – 2015)


  • Deborah Bell, Vice President and Secretary
  • Melvin Blake, Treasurer
  • Eric J. Cassell, Ph.D, Medical Director

Board Members

  • Jay Eichel
  • Walter Forman, M.D.
  • Jacqueline Goldman
  • Mark D. Lebow, Esq.
  • Sheldon Mermelstein
  • Joyce Handleman Mueller
  • Hans Peter Mueller
  • Eugene L. Nagel

Annual Activity Reports

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