Do Good – Feel Good. Your donation matters!

“The most important gift a Hospice can provide for a patient and their family is time: take the time to examine the patient carefully… take the time to study all the medical history… and most importantly, take the time to listen to the patient lying in their bed, or to their family member that calls in the middle of the night… take the time to truly “be there” with the patient…’
From the legacy of Professor Nancy Caroline, RIP, founder of the Hospice of the Upper Galilee.

Hospice of the Upper Galilee is a registered association. Your donation is deductible expense for tax purposes, according to section 46. The institutional participation covers less than 30% of the treatment. A patient’s annual treatment cost is approximately 18,000 ILS. Please help us give all our patients the Gift of Time.
Any donation is welcome, appreciated and cherished.

How you can donate:

Direct Debit

To donate via this method, there’s a need to fill out the required specific forms, sign the bank and transfer them to us via fax: 04-6964127, or email: Contact your bank to know which forms are required.

Donations by cheque

Please ensure your cheque is payable to “הוספיס גליל עליון” and mail it to P.O 51, Rosh Pina, 12000

Overseas Donations

Information is coming soon. At the moment, please contact us for all details.

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