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Hospice Upper Galilee by professor Nancy Caroline RIP
Hospice Upper Galilee team
Hospice Upper Galilee by professor Nancy Caroline RIP

The most important gift a Hospice can provide for a patient and their family is time: take the time to examine the patient carefully… take the time to study all the medical history… and most importantly, take the time to listen to the patient lying in their bed, or to their family member that calls in the middle of the night… take the time to truly “be there” with the patient
Professor Nancy Caroline, RIP

זוג מבוגרים

About the Hospice

Established in the name of Nancy Caroline, RIP

“You are not alone”
That is our motto at the Hospice of the Upper Galilee, and those are the first words we say when meeting those suffering from incurable conditions, and their families

Hospice Upper Galilee was established in 1994 by professor Nancy Caroline, who was born in Boston, US

A physician with a specialty in Emergency Medical Services, Nancy immigrated to Israel in 1977 to become the chief medical officer of Magen David Adom until 1982. That was the year she went on to manage the Flying Doctors in Africa: flying doctors to provide emergency medical services where needed

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